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Mexican New Peso (MXN) Rates

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  • FX USD/MXN Exchange Rates Realtime - Currency Converter

Mexican New Peso (MXN) Foreign Exchange (FX) Markets & Reference Rates

Mexican New Pesos to One U.S. Dollar
  • Graph: Real Effective Exchange Rate Based on Consumer Price Index for Mexico
Real Exchange Rate
  • EUR/MXN (Euro / Mexican Peso)
    FX Exchange rates (realtime), historical rates, charts;
    Difference to the previous day, high, low, 52-week high, 52-week low, last price
Daily Rates MXN to USD
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Mexican New Peso (MXN) IMF

SDR, IMF Exchange Rates MXN / USD

Mexico International Reserves

Foreign Exchange Reserves
  • Reserve Balance
    Summarized Balance Sheet of Banco de México:
    Assets: International Reserves, Securities,
    Credit to Financial Intermediaries & Debtor Repurchase Agreements, Credit to public sector agencies;
    Net Liabilities and capital: IMF, Monetary Base, Monetary Regulation Deposits,
    Other Financial Intermediaries Deposits & Creditor Repurchase Agreements,
    Other Liabilities and Capital
  • International Reserves
    Finance - International reserves minus gold: total (millions of US dollars end of period)

Mexican New Peso (MXN) Money supply

Money Supply
  • Money supply
    Finance - Money supply: broad money liabilities (billion national currency units end of period)