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Taiwan Dollar (TWD) Rates

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Taiwan Dollar (TWD) Foreign Exchange (FX) Markets & Reference Rates

Taiwan Dollar to One U.S. Dollar
Central Bank
Daily Update TWD to USD
Daily Rates TWD to USD
Accounting Rate TWD to EUR
Exchange Rates
Chart TWD
Chart TWD

Taiwan Dollar (TWD) Historical Foreign Exchange Rates

Range, Date: Graph, Table
  • TWD Historical Exchange RatesTabelleGrafik
    Interbank rates or % change; with time range or date;
    Compare historical foreign exchange rates for up to five currencies
    against the Taiwan Dollar (TWD);
    Bid, midpoint, or ask exchange rates;
    Shown as table or graph
Historical Exchange Rates
Historical Exchange Rates
Accounting Rates: TWD to EUR
Historical Exchange Rates USD

Taiwan Dollar (TWD) Currency Forecasts

Forecast USD/TWD and TWD/NOK
  • TWD FX Weekly Update PDFTableGrafik
    Brief analysis with chart, forecast period:
    Spot, 1 M, 3 M, 12 M with 12 M % change
FX Currency Forecasts TWD
TWD Forecast
Monthly USDTWD Forecast
TWD/USD Forecast
Taiwan Dollar to US Dollar Foreign Exchange Forecast

Taiwan Foreign Exchange Reserves

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