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Exchange Rates Developments
  • Currency RelationChart
    The Currency Relation Chart shows the percentage change for the
    target currency plotted against the selected currencies.
    The chart can be customized for any time period.
Effective Exchange Rates
Percentage changes, Worldmap, Newseffect
  • Percentage ChangesChart
    This table shows the percentage change for 22 currencies and metals
    plotted against each other, based on FXTrade data
    taken daily at 4:00 p.m. Eastern time.
  • HeatmapChart
  • Forex Rates as Horizon Graphs
    Horizon graphs provide a compressed visualization of rate changes over time.
  • FXNews EffectChart
    FXNewsEffects depicts the timing of economic-related
    announcements relative to changes in exchange rates.

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SDR, Exchange Rates

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