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Central Bank
Economic Data
Economy, Country
  • World Bank and Gulf Countries
    Reports and Studies, Events, News
  • Country Data Profile
    Population, Environment, Economy (GDP; Agriculture, Industry, Revenue)
    States and markets, Global links
  • Databank Bahrain
    External Debt, Public Sector Debt, Global Economic Monitor (GEM),
    Commodities, Doing Business, Finance
  • Economic Indicators
    Infrastructure, Labor & Social Protection, Private Sector,
    Income level, GDP, Indicators
  • Economic Data
Economic properties
Economic Development
  • Economic Development
    MVA, production, employment and wages, growth, demand, trade
    International Comparisons of Industrial Performance
Economic Data, Forecasts
  • Economic Development
    Statistics and estimates of the IMF: Gross domestic product GDP,
    Inflation, unemployment rate, state budget, public debt
Economy, Population, Environment
  • Economy, Population, Environment
    Key Indicators: GDP, Balance of payments, Consumer price index, Industrial production index,
    Agricultural production index, Food production index, Unemployment, Labour force, Employment,
    Energy production, Major trading partners, Telephone subscribers, Internet users

Bahrain Prices, Interest Rates, Purchasing Power

Relative Purchasing Power: Manama
  • Prices and Earnings
    Comparison of prices:
    (122 goods and services, apartment rents), incomes,
    income taxes, working hours and vacation days.
Central Bank
Purchasing Power US Dollar
Purchasing Power Parity Conversion Factor