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Data and Statistics Economic Indicators

World BankEconomy, Country
  • Economic Data
Wolfram|AlphaEconomic properties
UNEconomy, Population, Environment, Key Indicators
  • Economy, Population, Environment
    Key Indicators: GDP, Balance of payments, Consumer price index, Industrial production index,
    Agricultural production index, Food production index, Unemployment, Labour force, Employment,
    Energy production, Major trading partners, Telephone subscribers, Internet users

Bermuda Islands Foreign Trade

UN ComtradeCommodities, Goods, Trade balance
UNCTADForeign Direct Investment (FDI)
  • Country profile
    Transport and international Trade in United Kingdom:
    FDI flows and stocks, mergers and acquisitions, largest TNCs
    (transnational corporations) and regulatory changes.

Economic Outlook Forecasts, Economic Prospects

Bermuda Business Environment

The World Bank GroupGovernance Indicators
  • Worldwide Governance Indicators (WGI)
    Voice and Accountability, Political Stability, Absence of Violence, Government
    Effectiveness, Regulatory Quality, Rule of Law, Control of Corruption
  • Country data report
    A summary of the six aggregate governance indicators with all
    underlying individual indicators
CIACountry Information