South Africa

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South African Economy

Business Environment Governance, Living & Working, Country Ranking

Company Formation, Corporate Governance
  • Starting a BusinessChart
    Starting a Business, Dealing with Construction Permits, Employing Workers,
    Registering Property, Getting Credit, Protecting Investors, Paying Taxes,
    Trading Across Borders, Enforcing Contracts, Closing a Business
  • Economy Rankings
Governance Indicators
  • Worldwide Governance Indicators (WGI)Chart
    Voice and Accountability, Political Stability, Absence of Violence, Government
    Effectiveness, Regulatory Quality, Rule of Law, Control of Corruption
  • Country data report
    A summary of the six aggregate governance indicators with all
    underlying individual indicators
Transformation Index (BTI)
  • Bertelsmann Transformation Index (BTI)
    Country Ranking
  • South Africa: Status-Index, Management-Index
    South Africas Status of Democracy and Market Economy
    The Status Index explores the state of development under the rule of
    law and a market economy flanked by sociopolitical support.
    The Management Index evaluates and reviews the reform activities of
    political decision makers, thus providing information on success and failure.
Economic Freedom
Global Competitiveness
  • South Africa and CompetitivenessChart
    Competitiveness reflects the magnitude of a state whether
    he is able to guarantee rising prosperity of his citizens:
    Institutions, Infrastructure, Macroeconomic environment, Health and primary education,
    Innovation, Higher education and training, Goods market efficiency,
    Labor market efficiency, Financial market development, Technological readiness, Market size.
Country Information