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Government Finance Statistics

Budget Debt, Surplus, Deficit

  • Debt
    Foreign net debt, Federal government Bacen, State governments,
    Local governments, Public enterprises, Federal government owned,
    State governments owned, Local governments owned, GDP
National Treasury (FPD)Public Debt Data, Kredit-Rating
  • The Federal Public Debt (FPD)
    Debt incurred by the National Treasury to finance the Federal Government budget deficit,
    included the refinancing of its own debt:
    Federal Public Debt Management, Domestic Market, External Market,
    Publications, Investor Relations
  • Sovereign Rating
    Brazil's Credit Rating
  • Public Debt Brazil
    The publication disclosure data on issuances, redemptions,
    outstanding debt evolution, average maturity, maturity profile, average cost and
    others for both domestic and external debt from Brazilian National Treasury responsibility.
World BankBrasilien JEDH Indebtedness
  • International liabilities (BIS), reservesOktober
World BankIndebtedness
  • Government and Public Debt