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Government Finance Statistics

Budget Debt, Surplus, Deficit

  • External Debt
    Gross, Net And Forward Amortization Payments;
    Gross External Debt Balances;
    External Debt Receipts And Principal, Annual Forward Amortization Payments;
    Interest Payment Schedule Of External Debt;
    External Debt Financial Stability Indicators
  • Bank of Israel Balance Sheet
Quota, Financial Position, SDRs, Payments
  • Financial Position in the Fund
    Israel: quota, reserve position, SDR holdings, outstanding credit,
    recent lending arrangements, projected payments due to the IMF,
    and monthly historical transactions with the Fund.
  • IMF Financial Data Query
    Cross-country historical financial data, including IMF members’ quota, reserve tranche position,
    SDR holdings, outstanding credit, projected payments,
    IMF’s borrowings and monthly historical transactions with the IMF.
Banks: IBLR BIS-Report
  • IBLR International Banking Locational by Residence – reports the international assets and liabilities of banks

Israel SDDS and JEDH Data: Debt (Chart)
  • JEDH data of government debt, Central Bank, direct investment, external debt, liabilities
  • Long term, short term, general government, bonds and notes, monetary authorities, money market, banks