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Government Finance Statistics

Budget Debt, Surplus, Deficit

Government Debt
  • Government Debt
    Outstanding government debt, government bonds, treasury bills
Banks: IBLR BIS-Report
Government Debt Ratios, Country Comparison
Quota, Financial Position, SDRs, Payments
  • Financial Position in the Fund
    Norway: quota, reserve position, SDR holdings, outstanding credit,
    recent lending arrangements, projected payments due to the IMF,
    and monthly historical transactions with the Fund.
  • IMF Financial Data Query
    Cross-country historical financial data, including IMF members’ quota, reserve tranche position,
    SDR holdings, outstanding credit, projected payments,
    IMF’s borrowings and monthly historical transactions with the IMF.
Debt Statistics
  • World Bank: Debt Statistics
    Countries that subscribe to the IMF’s Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS);
    The QEDS database includes country and cross-country tables, and enables users
    to query and extract data, by country, group of countries, and specific
    external debt components.
    The QEDS database is linked to metadata on external debt for
    individual countries maintained by the IMF.
Norway SDDS and JEDH Data: Debt (Chart)
  • JEDH data of government debt, Central Bank, direct investment, external debt, liabilities
  • Long term, short term, general government, bonds and notes, monetary authorities, money market, banks
Compare Countries Debt
  • Chart: General government deficit NorwayYearly; country comparison