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Data and Statistics Economic Indicators

Country Profiles, Comparisons
  • Selected Principal European Economic Indicators
    GDP, Private consumption, Investments, External trade balance,
    Current account, Inflation, Unemployment rate, Labor Cost, Employment,
    Industrial production, Industrial new orders, Government deficit/surplus,
    General government gross debt, Economic Sentiment indicator,
    3 months Interest rate, Long term government bond yields
  • EU Country profiles EU 13, EU15, EU 25, EU 27Chart
    Economic indicators, labour market, trade, transport,
    agriculture, energy, bonds, HCPI
  • ESA
    ESA Supply, use and Input-output tables
Economic Indicators
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    Economic sentiment, confidence in the industry, capacity utilisation,
    Trust consumer confidence, in construction and in the service sector,
    New orders, production: Construction and industry
    Retail sales, income
    Labour market:
    Workers, unemployment rate, fee,
    Costs and prices:
    Unit labour cost, consumer prices, producer prices, import prices
ECB Convergence Report
Economic Trends
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  • Economic Data
Economic Data Euro Area
Economic properties
Economy Data, Financial Data
  • Economic Data, Financial Data
    MFIs, Payment and terminal transactions, Securities, Gross domestic product,
    Consumer price indices, Competitiveness indicators
  • Real economy indicators for euro area and Finland
    Harmonised index of consumer prices, GDP and its monthly indicator,
    Unemployment rate, Consumer confidence indicator, Industrial confidence indicator

Data and Statistics Economic Indicators

DSBB, SDDS Indicators, Data
  • Economy, Finance
    International Monetary Fund's Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board (DSBB)

    Monetary Fund's Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board (DSBB)
    Gross national product (GDP), price indices, industries, trade,
    labour market, sentiment, debt,
    consumption, money supply, interest

Europe Business Environment

Living & Working
  • Living & Working in the EU
    Housing, relocation, school, living, health, social legislation, comparability of
    qualifications; taxes, labor market information for job seekers and employers
EU Member Profiles
Country Information

Europe Labour Market

Labour Market
  • Unemployment RatesExcel
    Euro area, the EU, USA, Japan, Norway, Japan, Switzerland, United Kingdom