Economic Outlook Forecasts, Trends

Comparison of Forecasts
  • Comparison of Forecasts
    Euro area, the EU, USA, Japan, Norway, Japan, Switzerland, United Kingdom
    Inflation, GDP, budget balance, government debt, unemployment
WEO: World, developing and advanced Economies
Economic Trends and Forecasts
Forecasts: Current Account Balance, GDP Growth
  • Global Economic Prospects
    GDP % growth and Current Account Balance growth forecasts;
    Compare with regions, countries and income level;
    Charts and figures
Macro Economic Forecast
  • Macroeconomic Forecast
    GDP, Private consumption, Public cons., Fixed inv., Exports, Imports,
    Inflation, Unemployment, Public budget, Current account
Economic Outlook
  • Long Term Outlook Interactive Charts
    GDP growth, Unemployment rate, Fiscal balance, Headline inflation, Investment
  • Country summaries with dynamic charts
  • Economic Outlook
    Analyses the trends and forces of short-term economic
    prospects in each member country.
  • Economic Outlook by Subject
    GDP, Consumption expenditure, Capital formation, Domestic demand, Foreign balance,
    Output gaps, Wages, Costs, Unemployment and Inflation, Compensation per employee,
    Labour productivity, Unemployment rates, Labour force, employment and unemployment,
    Deflators, Consumer prices indices, Oil and other primary commodity markets, Saving,
    Fiscal balances and public indebtedness, General government total outlays,
    Interest Rates and Exchange Rates, Nominal exchange rates (vis-à-vis the US dollar),
    External Trade and Payments, Export volumes of goods and services,
    Import volumes of goods and services, Trade balances for goods and services,
    Current account balances, House prices,
    Maastricht definition of general government gross public debt
  • Business Tendency and Consumer Opinion Surveys
Economic Forecasts (interactive Chart)
  • GDP growth, unemployment rate, budget balance, current account; iInvestment,
    consumption, inflation, GDP deflator; Balance of payments, export growth, import growth
  • OECD Outlook
Forecast Reports · Investment Outlook