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European Central Bank (ECB)GDP: Comparison, Development, Current
  • BIPGrowth ratevolume, country comparison (Eurozone)

    Gross domestic product at market prices, total economy, domestic currency,
    chain-linked volumes (rebased), growth rate over one year
Now-CastingGDP realtime · Forecast
EurostatGDP, Growth
OECDEconomy, Finance
Wolfram|AlphaGDP in EUR per Capita EU, Europe
Reserve Bank of AustraliaEurozone, International Comparison
European Central Bank (ECB)Country Comparison · Growth Rate · Volume
  • Gross Domestic Product GDP Eurozone, Country Comparison

    Annual growth rate, Volume
    Gross Domestic Product at market prices, total economy, domestic currency;
    seasonally and working day-adjusted.
OECDGDP · OECD-Country Comparison