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EurostatIncome, Living Conditions
  • Income, Wages, Salery
  • Income and living conditions
    "Income and living conditions"
    People at risk of poverty or social exclusion, income distribution and monetary poverty, living conditions
    and material deprivation, which are again structured into collections of indicators on specific topics.
    "People at risk of poverty or social exclusion"
    Indicator on risk of poverty or social inclusion included
    "Income distribution and monetary poverty" houses collections of
    Indicators relating to poverty risk, poverty risk of working individuals as well as the distribution of income.
    "Living conditions"
    Iindicators relating to characteristics and living conditions of households, characteristics of the population
    according to different breakdowns, health and labour conditions, housing conditions as well as childcare related indicators.
    "Material deprivation"
    Indicators relating to economic strain, durables, housing deprivation and environment of the dwelling.
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Labour Producer Prices, Labour Cost

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