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Inflation Price Indexes, Inflation Rate Data, Charts

  • Inflationreport
    Money and asset prices, demand, output and supply,
    costs and prices, the medium-term inflation prospects
EurostatIndex of Consumer Prices
  • Index of Consumer Prices(HICP)
    Price index (inflation): clothing, housing, household goods, health care,
    transport, telecommunication, leisure and culture, education,
    hotels and restaurants, food, alcohol and tobacco
OECDInflation Country Comparison
Wolfram|AlphaInflation Rate
  • CPI annual Inflation
  • PPI Producer Price Index
  • Price Indices and Inflation
    Corporate services price index, Cost indices for building and construction,
    Export price indices, Final expenditure prices index, Harmonised index of consumer prices,
    Output price indices, Price indices (inputs and outputs),
    Price indices - building and construction, Price indices for building materials,
    Price indices for energy/fuels, Producer price indices Retail price indices