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Economic Data
Economy, Country
Economic properties
Economic Statistics
  • Economic Statistics on NigeriaChartPDF
    Current GDP, GDP per capita, GDP by sector, real GDP growth,
    current account balance (% of GDP), trade, FDI, trade partner
Forecasts: Current Account Balance, GDP Growth

Economic Indicators IMF, SDDS Data

Financial Position in the Fund
  • Financial Position in the Fund
    Nigeria: Membership Status, SDR, %Quota, Outstanding Purchases and Loans,
    Latest Financial Arrangements, Projected Payments to Fund
  • IMF Financial Data
    Nigerias quota, reserve tranche position, SDR holdings, outstanding credit,
    projected payments due to the IMF, Nigerias arrangements and IMF’s borrowings,
    and monthly historical transactions with the IMF.

Nigeria Economy Foreign Trade

Foreign Trade
  • Trade Statistics
    Economic indicators, import, export, ranking in world trade,
    trading partner, trade policy, patents
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
Commodities, Goods, Trade balance
Trade Relations with EU, World
Trade Shows