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Data and StatisticsEconomic Indicators

OECDComposite leading indicator (CLI)
  • Composite leading indicator (CLI) Monthly; country comparison and aggregates
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    Leading indicators comprise the composite leading indicator (CLI) and standardised business
    and consumer confidence indicators.
    They provide qualitative information useful for monitoring the current economic situation
    and advance warning of turning points in economic activity
  • Indicators of Economic Development
    Employment, Unemployment, Average Monthly Wage, Industry, Construction,
    Trades, Hotels and Restaurants, Information and communication,
    Transport and Storage, Science and Technology, Population,
    Business Tendency, Surveys, State Budget
Statistical Office of the SRLatest Data ยท Indicators
  • Latest economic data

    Inflation, GDP;
    Labour, Labour cost, Macroeconomic statistics, National accounts, Foreign trade,
    Consumer prices and prices of production, Business tendency surveys and consumer opinions,
    Industry Construction, Transport, Trade and food services, Information,
    Communication and postal services
World BankEconomy, Country
  • Data and Statistics
    National Accounts: GDP, GNI, export, import, agriculture, industry, service
    Balance of Payments: Foreign direct investments, remittances
    Development Framework: roads, time required to start a business
    Environment: agriculture land, energy comsumption
    Prices: inflation
  • Economic Development
    MVA, production, employment and wages, growth, demand, trade
    International Comparisons of Industrial Performance
International Monetary Fund (IMF)Development, Finance, Debt, Markets
  • Economic Development
    Statistics and estimates of the IMF: gross domestic product (GDP),
    inflation, unemployment rate, state budget, public debt
UNEconomy, Population, Environment
  • Economy, Population, Environment
    Key Indicators: GDP, Balance of payments, Consumer price index, Industrial production index,
    Agricultural production index, Food production index, Unemployment, Labour force, Employment,
    Energy production, Major trading partners, Telephone subscribers, Internet users
OECDStatistics, Economics, Unemployment, Finance
  • Economy
    Labor market, gross national product, industrial production, economic relations
  • Transport
    Road, rail, pipelines, water, infrastructure

Economic IndicatorsIMF, SDDS Data, Debt

International Monetary Fund (IMF)Financial Position in the Fund
  • Financial Position in the Fund
    Slovakia: Membership Status, SDR, %Quota, Outstanding Purchases and Loans,
    Latest Financial Arrangements, Projected Payments to Fund
  • IMF Financial Data
    Slovakias quota, reserve tranche position, SDR holdings, outstanding credit,
    projected payments due to the IMF, Slovakias arrangements and IMFโ€™s borrowings,
    and monthly historical transactions with the IMF.
  • Economic Data, Financial Data
    Monetary Fund's Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board (DSBB)
    Gross national product (GDP), price indices, industries, trade,
    the labor market, sentiment indicators, government debt,
    consumption, money supply, interest

Economic OutlookForecasts, Economic Prospects

  • Economic Development
    Statistics and estimates of the IMF: gross domestic product (GDP),
    inflation, unemployment rate, state budget, public debt
OECDEconomic Outlook Slovakia