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Data and StatisticsEconomic Indicators

  • Economic Data, Financial Data
    Taiwan Economic Statistics, Population Projections for Taiwan Areas,
    Essential Statistics, Urban and Regional Development Statistics
International Monetary Fund (IMF)Development, Finance, Debt, Markets
  • Economic Development
    Statistics and estimates of the IMF: gross domestic product (GDP),
    inflation, unemployment rate, state budget, public debt
Wolfram|AlphaEconomic properties
European UnionEconomic Statistics
  • Economic Statistics on Taiwan
    Current GDP, GDP per capita, GDP by sector, real GDP growth,
    current account balance (% of GDP), trade, FDI, trade partners

Economic IndicatorsSDDS Data

  • Economic Data, Financial Data
    Monetary Fund's Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board (DSBB)
    Gross national product (GDP), price indices, industries, trade,
    labour market, sentiment, debt,
    consumption, money supply, interest rates

Taiwan Economy Inflation, Prices, Interest Rates

  • Inflation
    Consumer prices, import prices, export prices,
    whole sale prices

Economic OutlookForecasts, Economic Prospects

National Development CouncilSituation and Outlook
  • Economic Development
    Gross domestic product per capita, Purchasing power parity, Inflation, average consumer prices
    Index, Volume of imports of goods and services, General government net debt; Current account balance