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  • Commodities, Imports, Exports
    Share in total Exports, Share in total Imports, Trade balance, Trade balance ratio;
    Traded Goods: Standard International Trade Classification (SITC)
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External Sector
  • External sector indicators

    Reserves and Short-Term International Liquidity, Total Reserve Assets,
    Short-Term Predetermined Net Drains,
    External Debt (Total, Short-Term, Long-Term):
    Central Bank, General Government, Deposit-Takers;
    Direct Investment: Intercompany Lending, International Investment Position, Assets, Liabilities,
    Current Account, Balance, Balance of Goods and Services, Balance on Income,
    Balance on Secondary Income,
    Trade, Exports of Goods, f.o.b., Imports of Goods, c.i.f.
Commodities, Goods, Trade balance
Regional Trade Agreements RTA
  • Regional Trade Agreements RTA
    GATT and GATS,
    Trade profiles • Tariff profiles • Trade policy review
    Rank in world trade , Real GDP, Share in world total exports, Share in world total imports;
    Patent grants by patent office, Trademark registrations by office.
Foreign Trade
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    Economic indicators, import, export, ranking in world trade,
    trading partner, trade policy, patents
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    Import, Export, Trade Balances and Manufacturing Shipments