Foreign Trade Imports, Exports, Partners

OECDTrade Statistics
  • Commodities, Imports, Exports
    Share in total Exports, Share in total Imports, Trade balance, Trade balance ratio;
    Traded Goods: Standard International Trade Classification (SITC)
Principal Global Indicators (IMF/IFS)Exports, Imports, Current Account
  • Trade
    Direction of Trade Statistics (DOT), Merchandise Trades, Regions, Import fromExport to, Top 5
UN ComtradeData Series
UNdataWorld Exports: Regions, Countries
  • WTO Trade barometer
    Economic indicators, import, export, ranking in world trade,
    trading partner, trade policy, patents
  • International trade and tariff data
    International trade statistics, Foreign affiliates statistics, Tariff indicators - Applied, Bilateral imports, Tariff indicators - Bound, Export perspective in top 5 markets, Non-tariff measures indicators
World Bank GroupImports, Export Charts
  • Importsof goods and services (% of GDP)
  • Exportsof goods and services (% of GDP)
St. Louis FedCross-Country Comparison
  • Trade Balance
    International Trade - Imports of Goods and Services for
    Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, and United States
    Euro Area, France, Germany, and Italy
Oesterreichische NationalbankAccount Balances, Forecast
  • Transport
    Road, rail, pipelines, water, infrastructure
UN ComtradeTrade, Goods
UNCTADInternational Trade, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
  • Foreign Direct Investments (FDI)
    Transport and international Trade in the Country Fact Sheets:
    FDI flows and stocks, mergers and acquisitions, largest TNCs
    (transnational corporations) and regulatory changes.