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Economic Indicators

St. Louis FedEconomic Trends, Industrial Production
  • National Economic Trends
    Output and Growth, Inflation and Prices, Labor Markets, Consumer Spending, Investment Spending,
    Government Revenues, Spending, and Debt, International Trade,
    Productivity and Profits, FOMC Economic Projections
  • Industrial Production & Capacity Utilization
    Durable Consumer Goods, Business Equipment, Mining, Consumer Goods, Electric and Gas Utilities,
    Durable Manufacturing (NAICS), Nondurable Consumer Goods, Materials, Diffusion Indexes
  • Graph: Industrial Production Index, Capacity Utilization: Total Industry, Manufacturing (NAICS)
The Conference Board Inc.Economic Indicators Update
fxstreetCurrent US-Indicators
BloombergMichigan Consumer Sentiment Index
Standard & Poor`sCase-Shiller-Index Real Estate
St. Louis Fed S&P Case-Shiller 20-City Home Price Index
Federal Reserve Bank of New YorkEmpire State Manufacturing Survey
Bureau of Transportation StatisticsTransportation Indicators, Prices
  • Transport Indicators
    Transportation Services Index, Personal Spending on Transportation,
    Transportation Employment, U.S. Surface Trade U.S.-Canada and U.S.-Mexico,
    Fuel Prices, End-User Prices, Passenger Usage, Freight Usage,
    Government Transportation Construction Value