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OECDInterest Rates
  • Interest Rates Yearly, quaterly, monthly; comparison with countries and OECD;
    Download, table, chart;
  • Short-term interest rates
European Central BankInterest Rates, Money Market
National Bank of Belgium (NBB)EU ECB Interest Rates
  • Interest Rates
    Monetary policy of the ESCB: main interest rates
    Standard tender credits, Fixed rate or minimum bid rate,
    Longer-term refinancing operations, Marginal lending facilities, Deposit facilities
AllianzInterest Rates: Charts
  • Interest RatesPDFGrafik
    Yield of 10-year government bonds euro area;
    Yield curve (yield of 10-year government bonds minus 3-month money market rate);
    Return of inflation indexed Government bonds;
    Inflation expectations (break even inflation);
    Government spreads (against German 10-year government bonds)
    Government and mortgage spreads (against German Government 10-year bonds;)
    Spreads on corporate bonds (eurozone);
Oesterreichische Nationalbank OeNBGovernment Bonds, Money Market, Key Interest rates
Google FinanceGovernment Price Indices
  • FTSE All Eurozone Government Price IndicesGrafik
    Government Price Index 1-3 years,
    Government Price Index 3-5 years,
    Government Price Index 5-7 years,
    Government Price Index 7-10 years,
    Government Price Index >10 years,
    Government Total Price Index
EurostatCountry Profiles
EuronextBond Market
  • Bonds
    Bond Directory:
    Find a wide range of debt instruments, with interest rate,
    redemption, and reimbursement options.
Banque de FranceInterest Rates, Bonds
SIX Swiss ExchangeYield Curves & Spread