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OECDInterest Rates
  • Interest Rates Yearly, quaterly, monthly; comparison with countries and OECD;
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  • Long-term interest rates


  • Short-term interest rates
St. Louis FedYields Government Bonds
  • Graph: Long-Term Government Bond Yields: 10-year: Main (Including Benchmark)
Deutsche BundesbankMoney Market, Federal securities, Debt securities
  • Money Market Rates
    Monthly averages, Daily quotations:
    One-week, One-month, Three-month, Six-month, Twelve-month,
    1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, Prices and yields of listed Federal securities, Yields on debt securities outstanding, Interest Rates
BloombergGovernment Bonds
  • Rates
    Coupon, Maturity, Price, Yield, Change, Yield Curve
Deutsche Stock Exchange AGIndicators, Interest Rates, Bonds, Indices
  • Bonds at German Stock Exchange in Frankfurt
    Last Price, Bid / Ask, Turnover in € today, Yield in %, Coupon in %, Rating, Maturity;
    Market Indicators, Interest Rates;
    German Government Bonds, Euro Goverment Bonds, Jumbos, Corporate
    Bonds, Emerging Market Bonds, Floaters, Currency Bonds, Pfand Bonds,
    Low Coupon Bonds, Partition Certificates
  • Bond Indices
    RDAX, eb.rexx, REX, iBoxx
Finanzagentur GmbHGerman Government Securities
SIX Swiss ExchangeYield Curves & Spread
European Central BankEU Long-term interest rate