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OECDInterest Rates
  • Interest Rates Yearly, quaterly, monthly; comparison with countries and OECD;
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  • Long-term interest rates


  • Short-term interest rates
OECDInterest Rates, Outlook
fxstreetWorld Interest Rates
  • World Interest Rates
    Table reflects the current interest rates of the main countries around the world,
    set by their Central Banks.
Principal Global Indicators (IMF/IFS)Short-term, Long-term Interest Rate, Central Bank rates
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  • Interest Rates, Bonds, Credit Markets
    Yields and spreads over or under U.S. ;
    Consumer Money Rates, Government Bonds, Charts, Benchmarks
    U.S. Treasurys: Coupon (%)Price ChgYield (%)Yield Chg;
    Yield curve;
    Consumer Rates: Yield/Rate %, 52 Week, Chg in PCT PTS
Central Bank NewsCentral Banks International
  • Central Banks - Interest Rates
    Current level, YTD Change;
    The covers the official monetary policy rates of the
    world's central banks, reserve banks, and monetary authorities.
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St. Louis FedCross-Country Comparison
  • Interest Rates
    Short/Long-Term Interest Rates for Canada, Euro Area, Japan, United Kingdom
    Long-Term Interest Rates Euro Area, France, Germany, and Italy
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BloombergWorld Government Bonds
  • Government Bonds
    Australia, Brazil, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, UK, USA
    Coupon, Maturity, Price, Yield, Change
SIX Swiss ExchangeYield Curves & Spread
European Central BankMoney Market, Futures
  • Financial markets and interest rates

    Data on interest rates to the euro-denominated deposits of, and loans to, households and non-financial corporations resident in the euro area.
    Long-term interest rate statistics relate to interest rates for long-term government bonds denominated in Euro for euro area Member States.
    Securities issues statistics relate to outstanding amounts (stocks), transactions (gross issuance, redemptions and net issuance) and growth rates.
    Securities Holdings Statistics provide information on securities.
    Short-term European Paper (STEP) statistics provide information on primary market volumes of, and yields on, short-term debt securities issued.
    Yield curves provide the results of the daily estimation of euro area and national government bond yield curves. Information on interbank transactions in the euro money market.
Bank of FinlandKey Interest Rates
  • Securities statistics and syndicated loans
    Summary of debt securities outstanding, Central government debt securities markets
    Country tables - detailed view of debt securities markets: Debt securities issues and amounts outstanding, by residence and nationality of issue