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  • World Interest RatesTable
    Table reflects the current interest rates of the main countries around the world,
    set by their Central Banks.
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    Yield of 10-year government bonds euro area;
    Yield curve (yield of 10-year government bonds minus 3-month money market rate);
    Return of inflation indexed Government bonds;
    Inflation expectations (break even inflation);
    Government spreads (against German 10-year government bonds)
    Government and mortgage spreads (against German Government 10-year bonds;)
    Spreads on corporate bonds (eurozone);
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  • Central Bank WatchPDF
    Monthly tracking of policy interest rates and monetary policy bias of top global central banks.
  • Financial Markets WeeklyPDF
    Comprehensive summary of financial market activity
    with expanded coverage of global bond and equity markets.
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  • Interest RatesChart
    Short/Long-Term Interest Rates for Canada, Euro Area, Japan, United Kingdom
    Long-Term Interest Rates Euro Area, France, Germany, and Italy
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    Bond Directory:
    Find a wide range of debt instruments, with interest rate,
    redemption, and reimbursement options.
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    Australia, Brazil, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, UK, USA
    Coupon, Maturity, Price, Yield, Change
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  • Key Interest Rates (historical)
    US fed funds target rate, Uncollateralized overnight call rate,
    United Kingdom: repo rate, Sweden Repo rate,
    Eurosystem: minimum bid rate in the main refinancing operations
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    Euribor, Eurepo, Eonia, Eurosystem interest rates
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