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  • STOXX France Total Benchmark-Index

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  • STOXX France 90 Benchmark-Index
  • STOXX France 50 Blue-Chip-Index
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    CAC 40®, Equal Weight CAC 40® Equal Weight France Euronext,
    CAC 40®, Ext CAC 40® Extended France Euronext,
    CAC Next 20®, CAC Next 20® FRANCE EURONEXT,
    CAC® All-Share Index, CAC® All-Share Index France Euronext,
    CAC® All-Tradable, CAC® All-Tradable France Euronext,
    CAC® Large 60, CAC® Large 60 France Euronext,
    CAC® Low Risk, CAC® Low Risk France Euronext,
    CAC® Mid & Small, CAC® Mid & Small France Euronext,
    CAC® Mid 60, CAC® Mid 60 France Euronext,
    CAC® PME, CAC® PME France Euronext,
    CAC® Small ,CAC® Small France Euronext,
    Euronext Vigeo® France 20 Index, Euronext Vigeo® France 20 Index,

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France Securities and Exchange Commission

Securities and Exchange Commission

France Depositary Receipts ADRs, GDRs

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  • DAX and iboxx France Indices
    The indeces currently comprises American Depository Receipts (ADRs)
    on public limited companies in Russia that are traded on various stock
    exchanges across the globe.
DR Information
  • Top French DRs
    Statistics on top DRs, as measured by Ownership Value ($MM).
    Daily Gainers, Daily Losers, Top 10 Most Widely Held,
    Capital Raisings, Single Listings, J.P. Morgan Programs
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  • Depositary Receipts
    France Depositary Receipts
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  • DR Universe
    French ADRs, GDRs
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    industry, settles, depositary bank