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Stock Quotes, Indices
Stock Exchange Indices, Stock Quotes
  • Hongkong Indices
    Hang Seng Index (HSI), Hang Seng China Enterp Index (HSCEI),
    Hang Seng China-Aff Corp Index (HSCCI), HK Islamic Index (HKII)
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  • Hang Seng
    Hang Seng Index, Hang Seng Composite Index Series,
    Hang Seng Freefloat Index Series
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  • S&P /HKEx LargeCap
    Top 10 Constituents, Chart, Index Announcements,
    Index Characteristics, Index Level Performance
Hang Seng Index Forecast
Hang Seng Index Forecast

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    Valuation, financial, ownership, performance, custom,
    charts, basic, news, profile, snapshot
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  • Market infrastructure
    Institutions and organisation, Regulatory structure, Latest announcements
    Investment regulation, Securities trading, Settlement process,
    Securities administration, Entitlement Compensation Rules,
    Disclosure Requirements, BaFin Three-point declaration, ICSD/CSD
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Hong Kong Securities and Exchange Commission

Securities and Exchange Commission

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DR Information
  • Top Hongkong DRs
    Statistics on top DRs, as measured by Ownership Value ($MM).
    Daily Gainers, Daily Losers, Top 10 Most Widely Held,
    Capital Raisings, Single Listings, J.P. Morgan Programs
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  • Depositary Receipts
    Hong Kong Depositary Receipts
    Capital raised, ADR index constituent, ratio, CUSIP,
    industry, depositary bank, effective date;
  • DR Universe
    Hong Kong ADRs, GDRs
    Stock exchange, DR status, DR type, SEDOL, CUSIP, ISIN,
    industry, settles, depositary bank