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Economic Forecasts
Economic Financial Outlook
Economic Trends and Forecasts
Medium Term Forecast
Comparison of Forecasts
  • Comparison of ForecastsExcel
    Euro area, the EU, USA, Japan, Norway, Japan, Switzerland, United Kingdom
    Inflation, GDP, budget balance, government debt, unemployment
  • Macroeconomic Forecast
    GDP, Private consumption, Public cons., Fixed inv., Exports, Imports,
    Inflation, Unemployment, Public budget, Current account
Economic Outlook
  • Economic Outlook
    Analyses the trends and forces of short-term economic
    prospects in each member country.
  • Eurozone
    BIP, Privatkonsum, Staatskonsum, Binnennachfrage
Economic Forecast EU (interactive Chart)
  • GDP growth, unemployment rate, budget balance, current account; iInvestment,
    consumption, inflation, GDP deflator; Balance of payments, export growth, import growth
  • OECD Outlook